Friday, 30 June 2017

July COLD and WET

Wet ALWAYS cools the weather. And June was the wettest June on record. And the BBC said 'the hottest ever'. No, it was cold and wet.
But Global Warming demands ever day should be hotter than the previous year, since 1984 – the year of Chernobyl – when nuclear power MADE UP Global Warming. Photosynthesis takes in CO2, and leaves a pre-industrial 2 parts per mili
lion CO2 in the air. Anybody unfamiliar with the carbon CYCLE is a dangerous nuclear funded idiot.
Nuclear power that takes in enriched uranium – and transforms it into Plutonium – the most dangerous element known to man.
Interestingly ever nuclear power plant needs BUT DOES NOT HAVE insurance of 100 billion. It wa 40 billion after Chernobyl.
No insurance above 1 billion avaiulable – all nuclear power illegal.
Hinkley B ran out of planning permission 1990. So is illegal. So Hinkley C construction site is a criminal site. The army has the legal duty to go in, arrest all workers, and level the site.
So nuclear power globally illegal. The weather is the weather. And CO2 is at 4ppm, above the arctics, at -50oC.

The BBC should nto employ nuclear stooges as weather men.

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