Friday, 16 June 2017

Jeremy Corbyn vanishes

Labour were quick to say the Glenfell Tower fire was something to do with the Tories. Then details started to emerge.
The New Labour MP Emma Dent Coad was on the board of directors. This means she is legally responsible. And it appears the board authorised use of non fire retardant cladding.
Tonight every tower block will be reviewing its fire and safety. So Emma is 1 of 8 people criminally responsible for 30-100 deaths.
25 years in jail for every death. Aged tower blocks should be retrofitted with sprinklers in kitchen areas, and a second fire escape.
Passive fire prevention only works, if you don't stick fire lighters AROUND fire doors. The cladding llowed the fire to spread all over the tower.
So Emma is looking forward to a 400 year jail sentence – and being dismissed as an MP by the speaker. And if Jeremy Corbyn had any honour, he would ensure all councillors and MP did a directors job, and then fall on the sword.
Jeremy will not. He is like shit on a blanket – immovable. Which will destroys the Labour Party he claims to love.

Vote Labour, and die with a smug grin on your face – very, very soon. The buck stops with Jeremy – it goes with the job. But Jeremy has a little interest in doing his duty, as Emma Coad didn't.

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