Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Jeremy Corbyn the criminal

Have you noticed Jeremy Corbyn, has suddenly vanished. He News is using library video of him. Not saying anything important. Reporters are writing copy about how bad the Grenfell Tower fire is.
4 days ago, the Daily Mail published that Emma Coad MP, the new Labour MP for Kensington was a director of the now burnt down tower block. This means she is criminally liable for using defective, illegal polyurethane cladding panels on the Grenfell Towers
That fires in Dubai had shown were defective April 2016. So since then, such panels were illegal in the US, UK and Germany.
Hold on – the fire safety people signed off on a 'bad' safety certificate. For money. That is very criminal.
And ever tower block from the 509s, 60s and 70s have also been given defective, criminal upgrades. By boards of directors packed with Labour councillors.
And Jeremy had been briefed that such panels were criminal. And yet let subordinates in the Labour party sign off on such criminal 'enhancements'. Grenfell has so far killed 79 people. Each death directly the responsibility of Corbyn, Coad and the fires safety people.
Which means Coad is up for 246 years in jail: and is automatically suspended from the house.
Jeremy is up for 10 years, for each of the 18,000 towers blocks that are now criminal tinderboxes. I have offered free safety checks on all GM tower blocks to the Labour mayor: no reply yet.
As bed safety certificate are the major income stream of the Labour party. Which are criminal – and may well kill you. Jeremy is suspend from the House of Commons – before he gets a 10 stretch, and permanent suspension from the house.

All Labour MPs who have been involved in planning for the last 40 years must instantly set down and fight by-elections. They will lose.

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