Monday, 26 June 2017

Jeremy Corbyn caused Grenfell

Jeremy should have ensured all Labour councillors took advice from the fire service about tower block cladding. They would have told the tower block directors, that ployurethan cladding panels were illegal in the US, Germany and the UK below 80 feet.
So like 9 Archers in Salford, they would have used mineral fibber panels. Fire alarms, extinguishers and sprinklers would have been fitted to all tower blocks – as is standard in the US.
Not to insist on this was legally negligent. And the tower block directors and building owners would have ended up on coporate manslaughter charges.
Included Emma Coad MP – the MP for Kinsington. Who is now banned from the House of commons. As is Jeremy Corbym – as his lack of action is tantamount criminal.
I have offered the Labour MPs and councillors to help with a fire audit in Salford: on an expenses only basis – so nearly free.

Rebeccas Long Bailey MP, and the Labour councillors have yet to take me up on this offer. I used to do fire safety in engineering.

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