Monday, 26 June 2017

How big was Labour bung?

Tower blocks from the 50s, 60s and 70s were uneconomic to upgrade to modern fire standards. So the multi-millionaire block owners bunged the Labour party: this is criminal. Jeremy Corbyn knew about, and approved these million pound payments.

Labour packed the boards of directors with Labour councillors, who approved the tinderbox cladding of tower blocks. Using thermal cladding illegal in the US, Germany AND the UK.
As the Grenfell tower blaze shows, with fatal consequences. Fires in Dubai using the same cladding April 2016 got a global ban on polyurethane cladding.
But board of Labour dominated tower block directors approved such fatal engineering. In exchange for payments to Labour. These are criminal bungs.
Jeremy Corbyn is now ban ned from the house of Commons, while the criminal enquiry continues. So is Emma Coad, and other MPs who served on tower block director boards, since the 1980s.
So 600 tower blocks have been fitted with Labour tinderboxes. And the Police will discover the bungs, if the scrutinise Labour published accounts.

Mineral fibber panels were 2 UK pounds dearer: that is how much British lives are worth to the Labour party £2. Manslaughter charges will follow against tower block owners, and Labour party members.

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