Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Hinkley is an illegal site

Hinkley B lost planning permission 1990 – and can only be renewed by a full Royal commission. EDF tried to use ITS OWN ENGINEERS. This is legal rubbish – totally crimina.
So EDF are guilty of a planning crime here: open and shut. 250 million as a fine, and ALL the top managers DIE in jail.
The PM has no powers to approve a new nuclear site as an extension to a site outside planning. This is legal stupidity. Totally criminal.
Thwe government lawyers have the duty to throw such contracts out. So Margaret Thatcgher is guilty of planning abuse – but being dead is not going to be prosecuted.
But Theresa May is not dead. And has just tried to approve Hinkley C. But Hinkley B is 27 years outside legality, and Hinkley C needs it own Royal Commission.
So the army has the legal duty to demolish all ground works, and arrest al construction workers. And piece of paper signed by Theresa May has no legal validity – as EDF knew!
The Chinese pulled out, and there is no possible financial backer for a criminal concern. Every Euro poured into Hinkley, gone.

The government lawyers had the legal duty to stop the PM signing an invalid contract.

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