Sunday, 25 June 2017

Hinkley – illegal build

Hinkley B's planning consent expired 1990. There has been no Royal commission to renew it: so Hinkley B must STOP – 27 years ago.
Fines of 10 million every illegal year. The managers get ten years in jail. Hinkley C seeks to be an extension of Hinkley B. It is NOT. It is a self contained power plant. This i an abuse of planning – criminal!
The Army has the legal duty to move in and stop the build. Imprison the workers, and demolish this illegal build.
Sizewell B was also illegal! Sizewell A demolished 2006, Sizewell B NEVER had planning. Chernobyl happened as it was being built. So it needed insurance of 40 billion from 1986-2010: It never had it, as no such insurance is available.
2010 Fukishima raised the insurance to 100 billion – for every operating nuclear plant in the world. So all nuclear power illegal.
Hinkley can never get the required insurance to start – so it never will, Which means the UK govenment would never have paid for the plant.
But as it lacks legal consent from a Royal commission, the build must stop instantly. It is an illegal build. All workers are instantly criminals.

EDF is NOT a fit company, so is barred from UK government contacts for ever. Any consortium with EDF in is also banned.

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