Sunday, 25 June 2017

Hinkley C NOT legal

Theresa May was given a huge bung to approve this nuclear plant. But it is outside of her powers. A new nuclear plant would require a full Royal Commission.
Hinkley B ceased to be a legal plant as its planning consent ran out in 1990. EDF thought 'Well get OUR OWN ENGINEERS to extend planning'. This is stupid.
The only people who could have extended its life was a full Royal Commission. As Fukishima demonstrated 2010, aged nuclear plants are basically worn out, and will fail.
Margaret Thatcher approved Sizewell B as an extension is Sizewell A. This is abuse of planning – basically ILLEGAL. Sizewell A was demolished 2006, as it started leaking. And look its expired planning consent with it.
Sizewell B NEVER HAD PLANNING. No Royal consent – so Sizewell B should never have started. Why did it?
Because of a nuclear bung. So how much money was Theresa paid? Hinkley C has no legal status. It lacks a Royal Commission. EDF are a French company – who do not understand the concept.
It means the UK army will go in an demolish the ground works, and close down the site. Arresting all the EDF managers.
Consenting to a new plant is outside the PM's powers. As government lawyers are aware. So construction work, and with it 25 years of carbon emissions in 2 years, has to stop.
It is an illegal construction. Sizewell was built just as Chernobyl happened.
So to operate it needed 40 billion of insurance. I carried just 50 million. So it was instantly an illegal plant – and the power station regular should have refused it operating consent.
Fines of 40 billion a year until Fukishima are due. Which happened 2010. Then insurance of 100 billion a year are appropriate. There is no insurance above 1 billion available.
So ever nuclear power plant in the world, is operating illegally – totally under-insured. 0.05% of the required insurance. It is like you driving a car with 40 UK pence insurance, when 850 pounds is LEGALLY REQUIRED.
So Theresa had no legal powers to approve a new nuclear plant. Hinkley C is NOT an extension to a plant who's planning ran out 27 years ago.
It is a Green Field site. Which mean SEND IN THE ARMY, to arrest all construction workers, and demolish the ground works.

For Carbon 0 power, we want the safe and free molecular nuclear fusion. Google my papers – or buy my book.

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