Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Has Labour been bunged?

This is very serious, and is a matter for the police: all I am doing is raising the question – after the Grenfell Tower fire. I pray I am wrong – but the question needs asking, as 78 people are dead.
There were tower block fires in Dubai, after the polyurethane insulation panels caught fire. Here they were keeping out the heat, rather than the cold.
Here 70s tower blocks were being retro fitted with 21st century features – to improve the now obsolete tower blocks, This was worth 10s of billion of pounds.
So with the death of the unions, here was another income stream for Labour. So boards of directors of tower blocks were packed with Labour councillors – at Jeremy's urging.
And they got firs safety training – not to have paid the service to provide such training was highly negligent. And the cost was trivial.
So all directors would have been told that polyurethane panels had been found to be a fire risk in the middle east.
The American experience was that regular fie extinguishers, and fire alarms were a must. And a second exit stair case is a good idea. This alone made retrofitting 70s towers with 21st century safety features to expensive.
But in the UK alone is an estimated 75 billion. All effectively valueless. Tower blocks from the 60s and 70s could be pulled down after Grenfell ... › UK › Grenfell Tower fire
3 days ago - The lasting legacy of the fire could be the demolition of 1960s and 70s tower blocks(Picture: Getty) High-rise tower blocks dating from the 1960s and 1970s could be torn down in the wake of the deadly Grenfell Tower fire, London mayor Sadiq Khan said. ... ‘It may well be the ...
Missing: value
You pack directors boards with Labour councillors, and vote down any expensive safety feature. The tower block owners were prepared to bung boards of directors, not to be demolished. They even bunged the fire service: this is outright crime.
To issue fire safety certificates for tower blocks effectively tinderboxes, was criminal. White goods fires are the biggest cause of fires in the UK. So at Grenfell the fire service were in attendance, AND PUT THE FIRE OUT.
They did not spend the customary 30 minutes damping down the area – including the defective cladding – which was catching fire.
So they drove off, and we all saw the tower burn down. Read Tower blocks in Great Britain - Wikipedia
Tower blocks began to be built in Great Britain after the Second World War. The first residential tower block, "The Lawn" was constructed in Harlow, Essex in 1951; it is now a Grade II listed building. In many cases tower blocks were seen as a "quick-fix" to cure problems .... to distance these newer buildings from the older tower blocks from the 1950s ...
So Emma Coad in the new LABOUR MP for Kensington. The tower block owners get the insurance. 78 people are dead – but Labour and the fire service get their usual bungs.
So with the death of the unions, Labour has found a new source of finance: burning their own voters to death, for the benefit of tower block builders.
Like with the twin towers in New York, the builders get the insurance. But flat owners die.
Video of the twin towers shows controlled demolition noises, to bring down the second towers. Controlled demolition takes weeks to set up, and controlled use of dynamite – far outside the scope of terrorists. George Bush got the authority to take out a terrorist leader – who was not even connected with the planes flying into the towers.
Eye witnesses say they were grey army transport planes – not commercial air craft.
In the same way, Grenfell towers was worth more on the ground – but those 78 people were murdered for the builders greed.
So Grenfell is a police matter. What Labour's part was, is a matter fro them. There are some probing questions need answers. Jeremy Corbyn could start by detailing Labour involvement in the disaster. Remember, if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, and it eats fish – it is a duck.
Labour may have done nothing wrong – though the Grenfell directors each now spend over a century in jail. Their bank accounts will show if any payment was made.

They just may have not been very bright, or paid for professional;l help. Which is criminal negligence.

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