Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Grenfell gassed people

The defective panels bust in flames spectacularly. And gave off hydrogen cyanide. So people were asphyxiated and gasses.  Hydrogen cyanide is HCN.
And these panels have benefited to many tower blocks, to reduce fuel bills. You are chocked and burned to death, and gasses. I think your next fuel bill is the least of your worries.
And this science was published 2012. And familiar to all tower block directors. Who approved the fatal panels. Emma Coad MP is one such.
We saw the video, and at least 78 people are dead. And the tower block a burnt out hulk. And the manufacturers say the panels are safe. Obviously not. And there fitting was criminal.

Saw Jeremy Corbyn tonight, looking very quiet. As part of a criminal investigation, he is barred from the Houses of Commons. The police have a duty to arrest him.  Is your tower block safe?  Hell no!

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