Saturday, 3 June 2017

Global Warming – biggest fraud in history

The world has been cooling since 1995 – that should have been a slight hint, that Global Warming was nuclear funded science fiction.
Nuclear power put 10 million a year into Global Warming – and were appalled when the Earth started cooling 21 years ago. Hence man-made Climate Change – so they could carry on their CO2 vendetta, until the weather starts warming – in only another 7 years. Totally naturally.
Ignoring that the are the worst 4th biggest source of androgynous CO2 – as they build and demolish power plants.
Ignoring that the fossil record shows CO2 goes us – in a natural ice-age. And levels at the Poles are twice the global average of only 2 parts per million: it pre-industrial level.
Plants turn extra CO2 back into biomass within 5 minutes. No chance for any climate effect. Static trace gases do nothing.
NO and NO2 are washed out of the air, as plant fertiliser. Sucking extra CO2 from the air.
So nuclear power have paid in 310 million to climate research. World governments pay 25 billion a year – so they can continue with carbon taxes. So that is 25 billion, in the last, cooling decade. So the EU owes all its member countries all the carbon taxes back – with damages.
All put together Global Warming is the biggest FRAUD in history: the Hitler diaries – chicken feed.

And all to avoid the annual insurance cost of 100 billion per power plant. Which means EVERY nuclear power plant has been running illegally since 1984: now that is a headline!
 If EDF carried legal insurance (100 billion per plant) insurance, it would cost 500 UK pounds per kW hour: it sells its power at just 2p – as it does not bother with insurance – it leave that to the French: 700 Euros per kW hour.
The total fine since Chernobyl is 15.000 Euros per kw hour. EDF – the biggest loss makers in history.

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