Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Give Global Warming money back

High School biology teaches that life grows, until the limit for CO2 is hit by photosynthesis.
Today that is 2 parts per million: so life expands, until the extra 0.00004% CO2 released by burning Fossil Fuels, is active life again. So the global average is a pre-industrial 2ppm.
In the Jurassic that limit was 4ppm. There was 65% more life on Earth. Sea levels were 60m LOWER.
Above the Arctics today, or in the little ice-age, we were back at 4ppm – temperatures in the Arctics down to -50oC. So Global Warming was nuclear PR science fiction.
Biologically impossible, according to High School biology. Yet university Dr s and professors happily published fictitious papers about Global Warming.
They never printed retractions as the world cooled from 1995. These people should not have been in education for 22 years. If ever.
All PhDs on Global Warming just science rubbish. So must be voided. And all resulting jobs, retracted. All tuition fees go back to the students. Who were paid nuclear stooges! Most working in education – THIS IS WRONG.

Man-made Climate Change – Global Warming in a cooling world. CO2 a STATIC TRACE gas. Affects NOTHING.

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