Friday, 23 June 2017

Free heat

We shoot hydrogen ions into a tank of steam
1 1H++1H2O->3He+O++g+E or
2 1H++1H2O+e-->3H1HO++g
So in 2, we see the (p+.n0)+ that is H+ becomes 2no. 3H undergoes nuclear fission only with a half life of 12 years. 4H decays in 1.39x10-22 seconds.
We have
3 21H++1H2O->4H1HO++g->radioactive decay ->E3+g E3=(2.99792458x108)2x1.6737236×10-24 1.49x10-19
So we fire 100cc of H+ ions, and get off 7.9x1018W = 7.9MMMW. So we want 0.00005cc of hydrogen ions, to drive a 100MW power station.
With no radioactive waste, and no CO2. CO2 Enhances plant growth. Extra CO2 from burnnig the Fossil Fuels, is converted back into plant biomass within 5 minutes during the day. Man contribute 0.00004% to the circulating carbon in the environment.
CO2 levels are higher above the Poles, or in a natural ice-age. Fixed at 2 parts per million today. By photosynthesis on the land and seas. So the H+ ions keep the steam very hot – and we drive a steam turbine, or thermoelectric generator. Free, carbon 0 heat. No toxic waste – or life enhancing CO2.

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