Thursday, 1 June 2017

France – static nuclear bomb

 We live in an age of global terrorism. And the biggest targets are EDF nuclear power plants. 1 light aircraft, filled with high explosive, and you have the worst dirty bomb.
1 incident would kill 40 million people: best target Flamanville nuclear power plant. Old plant – full of radioactive material.
And you would think they would have massive reinforced concrete shields. You would think – they judged it too expensive.
All 200 plants in France need insurance of 100 billion – to guard from natural events, like happen at Fukishima. In the UK only 20 plant. But none legal. Sizewell B never had its own planning consent – and when Sizewell A was demolished in 2006, absolutely no planning consent.
It was operating as an illegal extension – to a now demolished nuclear power plant. It needed its own Royal Commission – as prince Charles reminded me personally.
No insurance above 1 billion available. So every nuclear plant in the world is operating illegally. Every nuclear plant in the UK totally illegal.

So the French public is giving EDF 2 trillion Euros of free insurance. EDF should reimburse all French people – 80,000 Euros each.

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