Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Flats must be fire safe, today

As health and safety has advanced, buildings have had to have safety enhancements. 1970S tower blocks were uneconomic to enhance from 2000. So the builders packed the board of directors with Labour Councillors – and Jeremy Corbyn directed them to let the fire safety through on a hod and a wink – as this criminal activity was now the main source of income for the Labour party.
Two fires in Dubai resulted in polyurethane panels becoming illegal. Emma Coad MP was a director for Grenfell Towers, who voted through this illegal enhancement.
All 40,000 towers with polyurethane cladding on are now illegal structures – with no valid fire certificate. So the builder owes all the rent back, since April 2016, and must rehouse all tenants in near by, legal flats.
So how do you get an illegal firer certificate? When I worked in this area, there was no way. The annual fire inspection provided my work every year.
So an illegal certificate – will cost you around 10 million. This is a criminal document. Since April 2016, polyurethane cladding has been illegal. And must be replaced at the building owners cost.
And we are talking about 75 billion of flats, that ceased to be legal welling 14 months ago. So 75 people all died. Ironically, mostly Labour voters.
And every single death is the direct fault, of Jeremy Corbyn and Emma Coad. Labour did well last election, because it was flush with cash, from all the bungs.

Jeremy Corbyn gets 10 years for each of the 40,000 illegal dwellings – tinder boxes, waiting to kill YOU. Do you live in a death trap? Let me know. And write to you MP – if he/she is not in the pay of the builders.

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