Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Fix arm and leg damage

Physiotherapists worked out how 30 years ago. But biochemistry got involved and stopped repair – as they could sell pain relief. This is unethical.
As every Dr is pledged to best medicine – which is limb rapir. So all GPs wh oahve prescribed defective pain relief – no longoer Dr.s. Not for 30 years.
We use High-Intensity UltraSound. My squint repair took 25 ultrasound applications – but limb repair may take 50.
We use a 8W 1Mhz ultrasound device – 1 minute per session. The first few sessino clear out viral structures – so you may feel a bit of warming.
We can do it at home – or use the district nurse. Apply the ultrasound tio the affected area. The scar tissue will be cleared and even ligaments will be fixed.

So we can clear sporting injuries. For under $30.

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