Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Fire safety corruption

Any new modification to a building has to comply with present building standards. It is up to the building directors, to upgrade the older building to new standards.
So Emma Coad MP, Labour MP fro Kensington signed off on lagging Grenfell towers. After the Dubai 2 Apr 2017 fire had demonstrated polyurethane cladding panels were an unacceptable fire risk.
As a result a minor white goods fire (the fridge caught alight) ended up torching the whole building. My girlfriends died as a result of a fridge fire 2004.
Fridges should have a thermal cut out, above the motor. Which should be contained in a fire proof container. They are a major cause of death.
So all 8 director of Grenfell towers gets 97 years in jail, for 75 deaths. A total fine of ¾ of a million quid. Paid to the next of kin.
So who in the fire service signed off the modification – gave it a fire certificate. When it used illegal cladding panels. This is illegal. And somebody was paid a lot of cash. This is massive crime.
Such financially malleable people should be in jail. I told my Labour friend that Jeremy Corbyn, as the line manager was due for a 10 year prison term. And a life-time ban from politics.
So somebody at Grenfell towers bribed a fire officer: this is the highest level of crime.
Which leaves Labour with a problem. Their tower director should have stepped down to fight the election. Jeremy did not enforce this, for 75 people died horribly, to save the council 5.000 UK pounds.
So every tower block needs to ensure it has sprinklers in cooking or laundry areas. Fir proof cladding around these areas: they use mineral fibre rather than flammable plastic.

And they need a new leader, as Jeremy will be part of a criminal investigation – which will bar him from politics for life.  It seems likely the tower directors, included Ms Coad were also bunged.

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