Saturday, 10 June 2017

EU is doctors heaven

If a Dr uses defective medicine, like biochemical treatments, his death rate creeps up – and the police take notice. That is how the discovered Dr Shipman's killing spree – his patient loved him to death: literally.
So with the EU all the doctor has to do is move country, and his medical records are reset. To be honest, Dr.s are above suspicion. So the Dr has to be a serious psychopath before anybody cares.
But psychopaths gravitate towards being a Dr – fro exactly that reason: nobody suspects the smiling Dr, of being a mass killer.
Since cancer was cured 2002, 'Dr.s' have used cancer drugs to each kill 10,000 patients – for their own profit and amusement.

As YOUR GP about High-Intensity UltraSound: the world's first total cure to all cancers – medically published 15 years ago.   

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