Saturday, 17 June 2017

Emma Coad MP

Is still a director of Grenfel Towers, and approved the use of polyurethane cladding panels – banned in the US for building over 40 foot high. I used to work in engineering in fire safety, and approval of defective materials leading to mass death is criminal dereliction of duty.
With 30 deaths we are looking at 94 years in jail for 8 directors. I finally saw video of her on TV, blaming the council, the government – everybody but the building directors.
Legally their kneck is on the block – the most guilty people in the UK. Jeremy Corbym is her line manager, so gets 10 years in jail. Both are banned from politics for life.
You can't imagine the Labour Party wanting anything to do with them. Jeremy had retired to his Hitler bunker, to think.

Emma has directly lead to the deaths of 30 constituents. Her majority was 20. The fire killed innocent people – probably voted for her.

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