Monday, 26 June 2017

EDF bungs UK parliament

Sizewell A sprang a leak and was demolished in 2006. Sizewell B never had its own Royal Commission, so was always an illegal structure. How much was Margaret Thatcher bunged by British Nuclear?
Hinkley B had planning until 1990: at which point it needed a new Royal Commission, or be levelled to the ground. Hinkley B still operating ILLEGALLY.
Government lawyers should have told Theresa May this – but million of pounds came from EDF to ensure this did not happen. EDF bunged the regulator – corporate crime.
The PM only has the powers for small safety additions to nuclear plants. Building another plant is abuse of planning – totally illegal. Again I believe cash changed hands – this is up to the police to establish.
But Sizewell B was always an illegal structure. Sizewell B got retrospective planning – WITHUOT a Royal Commission. Sorry not valid – Royal Commission or send in the army to shut down the plant and arrest the plant mangers.
So Hinkley B was an illegal structure for 27 years. No internal engineering inspection has any legal validity. Again send in the army to stop the plant, and arrest the managers.
So Theresa May has no legal authority to approve Hinkley C. Only a full Royal Commission could do that. And after Chernobyl and Fukishima the answer is 'HELL NO!'
The insurance for all nuclear power plants after Chernobyl was 40 billion. No insurance above 1 billion available. So ALL nuclear power plants illegal since 1984.
The army has the task of stopping building work on Hinkley C. Demolishing the ground works, and arresting the builders, and EDF staff.
So Sizewell B NEVER a legal structure. Use a 50x1cm steam plasma tube. At 4 atmospheres this does a plasma burn
1 H2O+PL->E3+L+X-ray E3=2.4MW from 2x10-17cc of regular water a year.
A thermoelectric pad will generate 144kW of mains power. The carbon 0 power for 800 houses. The concrete factories around Hinkley, make nuclear power the 4th biggest source of CO2 in the world.
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The global climate has been cooling for 21 years. Only another 7, until it warms again NATURALLY. URANIUM NUCLEAR POWER 4th BIGGEST SOURCE OF CO2 IN THE WORLD.

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