Tuesday, 27 June 2017

EDF bankrupt

Hinkley B ceased to have planning in 1990 – somebody owes a fine of 270 million, as the plant is still running.
Hinkley C tried to shoe-horn off Hinkley B, to avoid its own Royal commission. Sorry, all green field sites need their own Royal commission – and as Hinkley G no longer has planning, C in a green field.
So all construction work criminal! The army has to go in, stop construction, arest the workers and level the site. All new plants need their own planning, so Sizewell be never legal: another ¼ a billion fine. And ALL the pant managers die in jail.
The standard legal fine for abuse of planning, is the full plant cost – though it can never be legally built. So for trying to build Hinkley C, EDF get a fine of 18 billion. It does not have. So the fine goes up to the French government.
All 200 French nuclear plant need 130 million Euros of insurance. And have for the last 7 years. The legal fine is the total missing insured sum. Here 910 million Euros. Pay this fine, or all EDF power plants have to shut down.

The missing insurance of the UK power plant is 1.28 trillion – fine goes us to the EU, or MIF. And EDF is the most bankrupt company EVER.
 And of course, all British Nuclear is shut down – illegal!

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