Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Dr.s killed patients

If Dr.s review their notes, they can see how may patients they have killed – 10-15,000 each. By prescribing defective biochemistry.
They all verified High-Intensity UltraSound cleared all cancers 2002 – or they would have ceased to be registered Dr.s. Their health insurance and all their prescriptions invalid.
Prescribing defective biochemistry had the same effect – not Dr.s for 15 years. Since when they have been the biggest mass murderers in history.
Each death gives them a fine of 10 million – paid to the patients family: this means YOU. 10 million per death from cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
Open and shut case, the American Medical Association/GMC/etc. Will not defend criminal medicine.
So all patients get all medical fees back, for 15 years. The law can't bring the killed patient back to life. So each Dr. serves 4 millennia minimum in high security. The fine levied also on the health service and drug company.
AstraZeneca owes 200 trillion on its own. More than the worth of the planet: now is probably a good day to sell the shares. Each share comes with a 15 million impending fine.
Price in free fall - then traders went home.  AZ SELL SELL SELL.
All because Dr.s would not use High-Intensity UltraSound – obvious best medicine. Total 1 appointment cure to all cancer etc..

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