Monday, 5 June 2017

Dr's cured cancer 15 years ago!

But kept prescribing defective, criminal cancer drugs for money. Killing ½ a billion patients around the world. They each bought an 8W 34MHz ultrasound device – the High-Intensity UltraSound 3 medical professors from the Moffitt found cured prostate cancer.
As the pressurised cancer cells experienced Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2Op+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
All 200 types of cancer have to be pressurised, in order to grow in a viral fashion: so not random – caused by viral gnome left behind from infections.
So drug companies have no insight into how cancer works – but are trying to sell low dose cancer drugs, to stop cancers. The same drugs that kill cancer patients in 2 agonising years.
And have never been medically proved to have any preventative effect on cancers – why should they. So all cancer drugs have been defective, criminal medicine for 15 years. So no Dr could legally prescribe them: or they are dismissed from the medical register – no wage or pension.
So all Dr.s on Earth ceased to be Dr.s 15 years ago. They must return all wages – and get no pension. Hence the mad rush to retire – but all pensions are void: repay all monies paid to you! All biochemical drug firms also permandetly excluded from medicine 15 years ago: get all you prescription charges back.
If we apply a 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device to either side of the chest, the throat and nose, plus glands below the chin for ½ a minute you cure all infections. Which stops cancers, heart disease and diabetes – no trip to see the murderous Dr.
Incidentally ½ a minute of High-Intensity UltraSound (from the above device) to the lower right of the chest clears diabetes – type 1 with a 3 day delay. Nurses al tell me they do not agree with all the people getting better from diabetes.
As it is nothing to do with them.
I published this idea 4 years ago, so diabetes drugs criminal for 4 years: 700 billion of diabetes prescriptions in the US, per year, totally criminal. The Dr.s all struck off – but they ceased to be registered Dr.s 15 years ago.
The lawyers can sue them all for malpractice: 10 million for every death caused by their prescriptions. And 25 years in high security prison.

So High-Intensity UltraSound stops all cancer, for $30 – with a High-Intensity UltraSound device. Lasts 3 years. Drug companies was $200 a month, for pills which have no preventative effect/

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