Saturday, 3 June 2017

Doing nuclear fusion on Earth

Universities should take their old fusion toruses out of storage. They actually had it right. We do the electrolysis of regular water, to get at hydrogen ions and electrons. 1 atmosphere and room temperature is great.
1 H2O+e- ->2H++O2++3e-
Now we inject the positive ions into the torus – but also at a separate point inject the electrons. We now have an atomic ball mill, where the positive ions move at different speeds, and interact.
2 O2++H+-> B2++C+
These are not stable ions. So end up as 8H+ ions, and 6 electrons. As the heavier ions move at reduced speed, and we have loads of ion interaction.
We also have the electrons, moving very fast, in the other direction. They will interact with the positive ions.
3 xH++e- ->(x+1)n0 we turn matter into groups of neutrons.
So we will set up a steam plasma – the most energetic structure on Earth. 8.6MW/m, from a plasma at 4 atmospheres. So So even at 1 atmosphere, the torus will give us 500kW/m. And we have 4.5mx5cm or torus doing nuclear fusion.
Remember, we have taken the equipment out of storage – it was paid for 20 years ago. The movement of the ions and free electrons, gives us a plasma at room pressure.
4 xH++n0 ->E3+L+X-ray E3=8.6 x r MW r= torus radius.
So no 4.75 billion to build the great hadron collidor – the plant was assembled, and it cold storage. No 100 billion annual running cost.
Hence the world cooled from 1995, but in 2017 people are talking about man-made Climate Change as it it was GWII. But it is global cooling – and nothing to do with CO2 – which is metabolised by plants on the land and sea, BACK into biomass, within 5 minutes of the Fossil Fuels being burned.
So well done Donald Trump. Restricting economic activity might reduce CO2, but this will have no effect on the NATURAL climate. CO2 is capped at 2 parts per million by natural plant life on the ;and and seas.
One way to increase photosynthesis in food plants, would be enhance Aquaporin transporting of the H2O2 produced by photosynthesis, out of the cell. Talk to biology here: but we get into biological manipulation of plant genomes – very unpopular. It would help reduce global deaths from hunger.
So plants cap CO2 at only 2ppm: people producing contrary data are paid nuclear stooges. Writing paid science fiction.
One very simple, popular thing we could do, it melt the ice caps. As ice freezes it expands! Hence the ice caps thrust up from the seas. This is why the ice in your drink floats. Put the drink down, on a piece of tissue.
Comeback in 10 minutes, and the liquid level has gone down. AS ice melts into water, it takes up less room. So the melting of the ice caps would have no effect on sea levels – go ask any high school physics teacher.
So if the world warmed, and the ice caps melted, sea levels would not change. The ice caps would just vanish. People who talk about sea levels rising, and paid nuclear stooges, talking scientific rubbish.
So we site 1mx2cm steam plasma in the seas, at the ice cap boundaries. Also along rivers in Siberia. They each produce 8.6MW of free heat: once started, the plasma self sustains. So start at the surface, and flood buoyancy chambers, to anchor the plasma tube on the sea floor.
The ice melts at 10cm a day. So keep moving the plasma tube. As the ice melts, it contracts, so the seas do not rise.
But now the Arctic cold flows back to the equator: this system ships solar heat around the planet – and make most of the Earth habitable. So at the Poles, we no longer have a chunk of ice.
Sea animals will net on remote islands, away from predation of their young. So we cool the equator, and make more natural rain in the hot countries. In the Arctics, without the ice cps, we get more natural rain in the light months.
In the winter, the steam bubbles create more natural clouds – which pick up solar heat up high, and fall as rain – not snow.
We can site steam plasma tubes, with ultraviolet phosphors, to replace sun light. So crops will grow all year – scavenging CO2 from the air. So the Poles will have massive agriculture schemes all year. They might even export food.
And once started the tubes consume 8x10-11cc of regular water a year. Our own little free mini suns. If we include light phosphors, we will no longer have a dark arctic winter.
So it runs out, biology and not physics are the world experts on nuclear fusion.
5 mCO2+(n+r)H2O+UV->(Cm(H2O)n-E)+r(He+O+E2+X-ray)
Producing carbohydrates takes in energy. But Molecular Nuclear Fusion produces massive energy. Plants produce a faint blue light – when illuminated by UV light in a dark room. There is no chemical source of X-rays. QED.

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