Monday, 26 June 2017

Demolish Hinkley C

Hinkley B's operating license expired 1990: the regulator had the legal duty to enforce an immediate stop order – 27 years ago. They didn't, because of a serious bribe from British Nuclear. So Hinkley B should not be operating today.
British Nuclear have tried to hive off Hinkley C as an extension to Hinkley B: this is a misuse of planning law – totally illegal.
Hinkley B does NOT have planning consent itself. So the army has the legal duty to go in and arrest all construction workers, and demolish the ground works. And enforce an immediate stop order on Hinkley B. All the government lawyers who permitted this illegality, go on criminal trial.
They never should have allowed Theresa May to sign an illegal contract. So the Chinese had already backed off, and EDF do not have the 18 billion Hinkley C will take to build.

No insurance above 1 billion is available, and without annual insurance of 100 billion, the plant can never start. So the UK government will never pay for it.

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