Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Clearing emissions

Petrol or diesel engines, produce steam, CO2, SO2 and NOx (NO&NO2). The SO2 and NOx very low volume. With steam – H2Os. So if the emissions mix with the steam in a turbulent way we get H2CO3, H2NOx+ and H2SO3. All of which are heavy molecules.
As they cool, they fall to the ground. OK, play the exhaust gases onto a downward falling Ti baffle. So very dilute acids hit the ground, and run into the sewers. Suddenly we suck the CO2, SO2 and NOx from the air.

No possible climate effect – as the gases only ever reach even the low-level climate – let alone the stratosphere – where out weather is made. CO2 is a heavy gas – and has no possible weather effect. Its level only goes up – IN A NATURAL ICE-AGE.  In the warm periods, photosynthesis caps CO2 – at a pre-industrial level of parts per million today.
Last year CO2 levels fell by 6%. The year before 4.5%. This year maybe 10%. The climate pundits are funded by nuclear power, who are speechless – CO2 levels are falling. Tesla is over joyed! It will sell so many cars.
Tesla uses old technology – batteries linked to motors, with free recharge points. A steam plasma linked to a thermoelectric generator is a better idea.
Limitless free power with no recharging. 72kW from 4x10-11cc or regular water a year: You will never need to fill up the 5cc water reservoir. Turn down the plasma pressure when not driving.

And increase the pressure – to fly between cities at 500mph.

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Jonathan Thomason said...

Plants take in CO2, with a little SO2 and NO/NO2 to grow. Excreting the O2 we evolved to breathe in. So emission from burning the Fossil Fuels, increase active life on Earth today.
Nuclear power made up Global Warming, but the world cooled from 1995. It needs insurance cover of 100 billion per plant, per year: so all nuclear power illegal.
Molecular Nuclear Fusion turns regular water into clean, free, non-toxic power: no insurance required.