Sunday, 18 June 2017

Clearing diabetes

Diabetes is caused by an inflated viral structure like cancer. American medics used High-Intensity UltraSound ultrasound to clear cancer 2002. It works for all cancers out there. Totally effective in 1 minute – no side effects and no drugs.
When I was at Bolton School, I was sat on the table next to the diabetics. Since then I have lost friends and family to Diabetes.
2013 I was wandering around with an *W 1MHz ultrasound device – an effective High-Intensity UltraSound device. Totally harmless to body cells. Totally fatal to cancers.
My friends had type 2 diabetes. It cleared diabetes in 30 seconds – applied to the lower right of the rib-cage, over the pancreas.

Type 1 takes 3 days before remitting totally and for ever. I published my work on the internet 2013, since when every medic on Earth has to use High-Intensity UltraSound, or be struck off, to face criminal trial.

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