Friday, 23 June 2017

Christie not insured

Physics departments carry high insurance, to use these devices for physical research. They can expose meat to proton beams, and find out the power level benign for human tissue.
At half this power levels, cancer cells pop, as they do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2Op+p+->OH++E2+X-ray
But hospitals are not insured for cyclotron use. The Christie can install the equipment – but can never use it. Every Engineering Materials or physics department in the world with a Cyclotron and find the required power level, and cure all cancers.
No hospital can: the American hospitals who are using uninsured, unlicensed cyclotrons can be sued for 10 million, for every patient not cured.
And all patients can sue for damages – for return of all medical fees, and a legal fine based on the less than 100% effectiveness of the devices. Even though they are 90% effective, all families get all their money back, and 1 million.
And the Christie does not carry the required physics insurance – and such devices are not licensed for human use.
The Christie can never turn on its new toy: and the American hospitals must rush through certification and insurance. And families must sign an insurance waver – or Cyclotron use not legal.
So all the families of patients who have died – 10 million legal pay out.
In contrast the 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device I use as my HIUS source IS medically licensed. For cancer pain relief, and clearance of wrinkles. So no Botox. $30 for a life times wrinkle removal.
Botox has not as far as I know, been medically licensed. So it is done, but is uninsured. And my friend just had defective Botox, which has frozen half her face. She is due a legal pay out, and beauty salons are not insured for this medical procedure.
And a ultrasonic massage device removes wrinkles for life. And is medically licensed. Interestingly enough, the Christie has now validated proton beam therapy.
Though it can't do it – not insured for an unlicensed medical procedure.
High-Intensity UltraSound is medically licensed. And so far has saved 200 million people around the world. By clearing cancers, heart disease and diabetes- no Dr or hospital involvement.
They do not have the required insurance to use High-Intensity UltraSound. Though you can buy an insured device to do it at home.
All biochemistry now defective, criminal medicine – outside of medical insurance. The engineering materials department at Sheffield University is licensed to use High-Intensity UltraSound on people.
Which will clear all cancers etc.. 150W 40kHz, or 8W 1MHz are effective ultrasound descriptions, to clear cancer in under 1 minute. No Dr can legally prescribe biochemistry.

Every resulting death for the last 15 years induces a 10 million fine, and strikes the Dr off for life. The Christie is uninsured for proton beam theropy. No hospital is.

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