Friday, 2 June 2017

Carbon is fixed

Plants evolved to take in CO2, and build carbohydrates
1 mCO2+(n+r)H2O+UV->(Cm(H2O)n-E)+r(He+O+E3+L+X-ray)
So plants, algae and bacteria give out a faint blue light, as they use UV light, or deep water turbulence to combine carbon with water molecules – to build the carbohydrates of life.
So all life is supported by life doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Photosynthesis gives out X-rays and energy. Oxidising the carbon radicle takes in energy. It is only the nuclear fusion, which make the process a very large net energy producer.
So nuclear fusion, down to 0oC. Energy with no hyper toxic radioactive waste. So biology does nuclear fusion down to -22oC – in the beating hearts of Arctic fish. Game over for nuclear fission from uranium.
64 times as energetic as uranium fission – and totally non toxic. The most dangerous compound is the O: which dimerises to form the O2 you breath in – the worst pollutant in Earth history.
So photosynthesis proceeds each day until about 12pm, when all the CO2 from the previous night has been taken in. Then plants take in the CO2 excreted by animals: that is why animals EVOLVED – TO USE UP THE O2 EXCRETED BY PLANTS. And breath out CO2 – the gas of life.
The Martian atmosphere is 40% CO2 – just like the Earth before green plants evolved. CO2 levels are capped by life, at only 2 parts per million.
Static trace gases affect nothing. What is man-made Climate Change? It is nuclear PR, saying that an increasing … - hold on – THERE CAN BE NO INCREASE OF CO2, DUE to plants etc.. Simple biological fact.
The Earth started cooling 1995 – so what happened to Global Warming? The NATURAL weather warms with 28 year cycles. CO2 only goes up in an ice-age – or over the Poles: where it is 4ppm TODAY! Go sample the air over the North Pole.
So the global average CO2 is 2ppm – higher levels are only possible at diesel, carbohydrate or petrol exhausts. Global average 2ppm.
So 2 weeks ago, the man-made Climate Change pundits decided it was NO &NO2, (NOx) that mattered – not CO2.
NOx is washed out of the air as plant fertilizer, so there is a static 4 parts per billion in the global air. So back to CO2 – global average trace 2ppm.
Why all this fuss about CO2, SO2(another abandoned idea – as plants take in sO2 to grow) and NOx? Because every operating nuclear plant needs annual insurance cover of 100 billion. No insurance above 1 billion available.
So nuclear power will say anything to distract from the toxic nature of their industry: their fiction is believed only by idiots – and there are so many idiots out there.
You did high school biology didn't you? You saw pond weed take in CO2, and produce O2. Life caps CO2 at 2ppm – I am an engineer – and I know that. What is your excuse?
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'Scientists at the UN' talking about man-made Climate Change, are just paid nuclear stooges. Man-made Climate Change? We have natural Global Cooling today. Back to warming in 6 years. Totally natural. Nuclear power, most criminal toxic industry ever.

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