Monday, 5 June 2017

Cancer being cured

High-Intensity UltraSound was published as a cure to cancer by the Moffitt cancer centre 15 years ago. So every Dr on Earth had t oread and validate the paper – or cease to be a Dr.
Likewise for High-Intensity UltraSound curing heart disease 2012. They had to validate the paper or cease to be Dr.s. But more than that, use the new medicine.
So every prescribing Dr had to use High-Intensity UltraSound – so all 15 years wages must be returned. The Dr struck off for life. All biochemical drug firms have signed the Hippocratic oath – so expelled from medicine 15 years ago.
10 million UK pounds paid out to the families of ever patient killed.
I published High-Intensity UltraSound as a cure to diabetes 2013 – and two weeks later amended it to say type 1 took 3 days to remit. Again read and validated by every Dr – or expelled from medicine 4 years ago.
So 700 billion a year in America alone, spent on defective diabetes drugs. All now returned to families or surviving patients. With punitive damages – up to 10 million for every death.
And if Dr.s do not strike themselves off, lawyers can take them to court – and I get 10% of the fine levied on every Dr.
Dr.s say they are super ethical – but have applied defective, criminal medicine for 15 years.
High-Intensity UltraSound for ½ a minute to each side of the head clears mental health problems – included Alzheimer's. So every GP must use it. Or cease to be dr.s, again for the last 4 years.  Are you listening Alzheimer's Society?
Biochemistry for mental health problems is defective, criminal medicine. So the Charity Commission must expel the Alzheimer's charities. As they are promoting criminal medicine.

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