Thursday, 29 June 2017

British Nuclear ALWAYS illegal

before Hinkley A.
The most negative value of any UK or global company ever. The Chinese owners wants rid of it – but the company has massive negative value.
Let us consider the 20 operating plants. Only Sizewell could have been within planning – so all the rest must STOP! Only a royal commission can extend the operating life. And independent inspection – not possible.
I pointed this out 2004, and the Magnox stations in Scotland shut down. Their PLANNING ECPIRED IN THE 1980S – and was never renewed. Bung paid t othe regulator by EDF, and they restarted.
Hinkley B's planning expired in the 1990s, and internal inspection by EDF engineers not legal. Only a full Royal Commission could allow the plant to continue.
Since Chernobyl in 1984, insurance of 40 billion annually required. Sizewell did not start until 1986 – so has never been a legal plant. 4,800 billion in legal fives, to British Nuclear and its Chinese owners.
After Fukishima annual insurance rose to 100 billion. 280 billion as a fine for having no insurance – as well as the legal fine for all plants operating outside planning: no insurance invalidates Sizewell' operating license.
So Hinkley B an illegal plant! So Hinkley C needs its own Royal commission and assent, before building work starts. So the army must go in, arrest all builders, and level the site.
EDF does not have the 18 billion for the plant construction – and has never has 100 billion to insure each of its 200 French plants, and 20 UK plants.

The bung to the UK radiation regular are the biggest in UK legal history – 16 billion and growing. At a guess!

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