Sunday, 25 June 2017

Biggest legal crime

Every nuclear plant built in the UK, needs a Royal Commission – since the Windscale incident. 1984 Margaret Thatcher tried to get around this, by approving an extension to Sizewell A – that was a complete power station.
This is criminal manipulation of the planning laws. So Sizewell b never had planning. Fines if 25 million and 10 years in jail for the plant managers for ever illegal year apply.
And the plant went live after the Chernobyl incident 1986. From when insurance of 40 billion per year for nuclear plant operation apply. Every British Nuclear plant became illegal – and should have shut down.
So Japan nuclear experienced Fukishima, and Germany and Japan banned nuclear power. So EDF got its own managers to give a life extension on all 20 UK nuclear plants – this is NOT legal. A new Royal commission is required. This is on the statute book. As prince Charles emailed me.
So they tried to get Hinkley C as an extension to Hinkley A – who's planning expired 1990, and was only operating because of huge bungs to the regulator.
So Hinkley C is illegal – an abuse of planning. It is like you getting a conservatory, because you neighbours have a duck pong they filled in 27 years ago.

The answer is obvious: send in the army. They must demolish the ground work, and take all the builders into legal custody. All work on the plant illegal. EDF are legally tied to this illegality.

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