Thursday, 29 June 2017

Biggest abuse of planning law

When Margaret Thatcher approved Sizewell B as an extension to Sizewell A. She acted illegally. Sizewell A was demolished in 2006 – Size B NEVER had its own planning permission. Sizewell B is so illegal. A 10 million fine per year (1984 price levels) and 10 years in jail for the site managers for each illegal year of operation apply – for 31 years.
Hinkley is WORSE. It's planning ran out in 1990 – and could only be renewed by a Royal ~Commission -EDF used its own engineers – totally illegal.
The Theresa May tried to approve Hinkley C as an extension to Hinkley B. This is abuse of planning. The papers she signed have no legal validity.
As I keep pointing out, the army should go in, arrest ALL the construction works, and level the site. It is an illegal construction.
EDF owed 40 billion for each of the 20 British Nuclear plants 184-2010. Then British Nuclear own 100 billion for all 20 British nuclear plants.
All are outside planning. Sizewell was time expired, and an illegal extension. The other plants do not have planning.
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I was glad to hear today, the last Magnox station closed 2004. All other nuclear plants are subject to an immediate stop order from the government lawyers, and the House of Lords.

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