Tuesday, 13 June 2017

AstraZeneca choose death

2002 the Moffitt cancer centre used High-Intensity UltraSound to clear cancer, at 1 appointment. AZ sold biochemical treatments, that give cancer patients a 2 year agonising decline to death.
Its medical researchers tried to get AZ to use High-Intensity UltraSound: continuing with biochemical research means all medical researchers have nto been registered Dr.s for 15 years.
2010 AZ sacked its cancer researchers, so it could buy in defective biochemical treatmetns, and carry on killing.
Illegal: globally prohibited b y the Hippocratic oath. So AstraZenca had not been an ethical drug company for 15 years. Barred from medicine. But the General Medical Council and AMA have not enforced the Hippocratic oath. The House of Lord in the UK, or the Senate ni thwe US, can force the shutting down of AZ. They have legal supremacy.
Biochemistry have killed ½ a billion people in 15 years. I said AZ had killed 200 million, and owed a fine of 200 trillion. Nobody from AZ has pointed out 'You are wrong. It is 380 trillion'

380x1015/1.2x109= 31 million. So every ordinary shard comes with a legal fine of 31 million. The most negative equity of any share, ever. I estimated 15 million earlier. I was not that far out. Value of the share 25 cents.

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