Sunday, 4 June 2017

All diabetes cured 2013

By ½ a minute of 8W 1MHz ultrasound to the lower right of the chest.
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I published this work 2013. Validated by ever Dr on Earth. After this date, all diabetes drugs criminal – the Dr struck off for life. Patients get all their diabetic medical fees back – and punitive damages – up to 10 million per death.
The Dr lost medical insurance 4 years ago – all medical practice criminal. Any Dr who has prescribed diabetes drugs for the last 4 years, rather than use the health centres 8W 3MHz ultrasound device, now a dangerous criminal – excluded from medicine.
The same argument applies for cancer back to 2002. When the Moffitt cancer centre used High-Intensity UltraSound to clear prostate cancer: High-Intensity UltraSound works for al l200 cancers out there.
So no biochemical treatments for cancer legal for 15 years. All prescribing Dr.s struck off for life – to face criminal changes. Families get 10 million UK pounds, for every biochemical assisted cancer death.
UK people would prefer the extra benefits, and stick with defective Metformin. When you have to inject insulin,k lose your eyesight and limbs, Metformin is CRIMINAL medicine big time.
So no registered Dr can prescribe diabetes drugs. They must use the health centres High-Intensity UltraSound unit.
Which saves the National Health Service and the UK taxpayer 1/3rd of the National Health Service budget. Any prescribing Dr for the last 4 years, struck off for life: paying massive criminal damages – with no valid health insurance.
In the US, diabetes remits 3 days after High-Intensity UltraSound use: again diabetes drugs criminal for 4 years – patients and families get medical fees back, and damages paid. So $175 billion per year – for 4 years. So $700 billion.
Paid to YOU.
Diabetes linked to 3.6 million deaths. So Dr.s must return 160 billion of diabetes medical expenses.
And pay 36 billion for all the deaths diabetes drugs have caused. So Metformin turns out to be the most criminal drug since Thalidomide.

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