Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Worst crime in history

worse than Thalidomide
2002 American medics published the use of High-Intensity UltraSound to cure ALL cancer. The pressurised cancer cells experienced cell content boiling and fragmented.
1 H2O+US ->He+O+E2+X-ray at body temperature
The source of X-rays from ultrasound scans: all cancers give off X-rays. So under 1 minute of 8W 1MHz ultrasound clears all cancers.
So in 2002 all Dr.s bought a 8W 3MHz ultrasound device – for their own personal use. To their patients they prescribed defective biochemical treatments, radio and chemo therapy – plus surgery.

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Since 2002 all insurance invalid. So voiding their health insurance. Making criminal practice a crime. The 'Dr.s' prescriptions invalid. No pharmacist could legally fill them.
Criminal medicine for 15 years. 10,000 patients killed. ¼ of a million years in 1st degree prisons – with no parole. A fine of 100 billion – paid to the families of patients they deliberately murdered.
So all GPs struck themselves off 2002: or rat0ehr they carried on working. And murdering. So is your patient was killed by your doctor, you get 10 million – and ALL the medical team get 25 years in jail.
My background? A metallurgist who used to work in ultrasound. With an interest in cancer.
½ a minute of High-Intensity UltraSound to the top left of the chest and kidneys, clears heart disease: heart medicine criminal for 5 years.
Again damages of 10 million for every RELATIVE KILLED – AND THE Dr .s GETS 25 YEARS IN JAIL. MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, schizophrenia and depression cured by ½ a minute HIUS to each side of the head. I published this work 2013 – read and confirmed by every Dr on Earth – or they ceased to be Dr.s. Every day's medicine already malpractice.
And the AMA./GMC etc. will not defend the use of defective medicine. So al GPs struck off 15 years ago. All medical practice illegal for life.

They have to return the last 15 years' salary, and receive no pension.  No 'Dr' ever allowed in a hospital again.  17/5/17

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