Friday, 19 May 2017

Warm Scotland

The average sea temperature in Scotland is 8.9oC. Sea water freezes at -22oC. But the warm sea currents bring in sea water at 3oC all year round – the maximuum density of high pressure water. Which is why the sea freezes from the surface.
So the seas are an inexhaustible source of low temperature heat. The Rev Sterlnig gaves us the answer (25 October 1790 – 6 June 1878). Carnot developed the Carnot cycle from the Sterling, low temperature engine.
So we have a large stainless steel helix in the seas. We enclose it. The sea water flows uP the helix, as we cool it to -20oC. See Hydro-Electric Turbine Buyer's Guide | Home Power Magazine
So we get 210,000 L of low temperature heat, an hour. But we use the generated power to drive a turbine. So we generate power at 0.5m radius, but we drive the pump effective radius 2.5cm.
So we triple the pressure of the gas – and here is the magic, We get 70,000 L a minute, of gas at 576oC. Which we use to heat the air, via a free 2m Al helix. 2M high. 0.5m off the ground.
We add 4 million W to the air. Which mixes with the free air, and raises the temperature by 12oC, over a 3km radius.
So we do it in city centres, or along scenic peninsulas. No snow or ice – until we get down to -12oC naturally. 2 such pumps, and we are talking about warming the air by 24oC.
Each pump will cost £4,000, and we start using off peak power. It then runs unpowered. Increasing tourism and agricultural earnings.
And the cold water mixes with ambient water, and increases the flow od 3oC water back to the equator. So we cools the equator for free. We get more natural rain in the hot lands, and plants eat the deserts: we do need to dredge up the sea floor, to provide new soil, we wash in estuary outflows, and use to support new life.
We plant trees, to stabilise the new soil – and prevent it blowing away – back into the seas. The new plants will take in CO2 – which is the limit on life on Earth. Still at a pre-industrial average of just 2 parts per million. Higher numbers are published by PAID NUCLEAR STOOGES. Yuo know who you are!

Incase you wondered, my grandmother was Ms sharp, from Dumfrese.

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