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Use the seas - no oil

Use the seas
During the day, the seas absorb solar heat, and release it at night. It is why there is so much life on Earth. Warm sea water evaporates – which is why there is so much rain. In 2002 I invented a way to improve this system: cool the hot lands, and warm the cold lands for free.
Academics were making too much money form Global Warming, so were not interested. They were a bit annoyed the natural climate started cooling 1995. Hence man-made Climate Change was Global Warming in a cooling world. I did offer to buy them a new dictionary – but again, nothing get between academics and money.

We use the heat pump – worked out by Rev Sterling in the 18th century, and taught all all 1st year engineering university students.
To cool the air it is drawn down to an enclosed cylinder – drawing a little wind turbine – where is produces power. It passes down one helix, filled with cold gas. So when it leaves at the bottom, it is as cold air. We also get a stream of condenses water vapour.
Very welcome in the dry lands. So we collect, bottle and sell this – or pump it to high storage. To feed an irrigation system – as the ancient Egyptians did.
If we need more pumping – we erect solar panels up the side of the large cylinder. We then compress the Carnot gas – and it looses it heat via a large helix in the sea or large lake. During the night, the solar heat is passes to the lake air.
In the sea, it flow back towards the Poles, sucking in more cold, polar water.
In the temperate and cold counties we reverse the system. We pass the air up over a high pressure gas, and it draws in the same solar heat. It leaves, driving a wind turbine.
Now we vent the Carnot gas – like in the cold end of your fridge. It now draws heat in form the warm seas. So when it returns form the seas, at 10oC. We pressurise it, and it enters the large double helix cylinder at 280oC – just by doubling the Carnot gas pressure. Ammonia would be a good choice. Or CFCs – which are very cheap now.
So we have cooled and wetted the hot lands, and warmed the cool lands.
for the Polar regions, we immerse steam plasma tube along the ice cap. Heavy rain or snow does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU->He2++O2++4e-+E2+X-rays
Then we get a lightening strike
2 H2O+e-+TU->He2++O+L++E2 E2=2.5x1030W form a 2cm wide, 1.5km steam plasma.
So nature does nuclear fusion on earth at -50oC, In an enclosed plasma tube, we get the twice as energetic H fission
3 H2O+TU+E->2H++O2++4e-
4 H++e- ->n0 neutron formation: like a neutron star
5 16O2++4n0 ->8H++6e- light element fission into Hs
6 xH++r n0->Er3+L+(x+1)n0+X-ray massive carbon 0 heat. No radioactive waste
Green Peace, massive free, carbon 0, no radioactive waste power.
So a steam plasma tube is 64 times as dynamic as a hyper toxic uranium oxide fission tube: we get 8.6MW form a 1mx2cm steam plasma tube. It takes a pulse of power at 2,000V 0.02 amps to start off. And at 4 atmospheres it self sustains.
So we site these in concrete housing, at the ice cap edges – so they sit on the sea bed, giving off heat. 8.6MW will mean a stream of bubbles rise and collapse – giving us more Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So we heat the sea water, which laps on the ice – and melts it. So we get water at 3oC. Which flows back to the equator. As ice, it tied up the cold at the poles – now as cold water, it carries the polar cold back to the equator. Where it rises, picks up more solar heat, and returns to the Poles.
Warm sea streams – at 10oC, not static as ice-caps at -20oC.
So we have cooled the hot lands, warmed the cold lands, and increased the fresh water at the equator, and liquid rain at the Poles – not now snow showers. So once agai8n the sea levels will fall by 60m – as in the Jurassic. When there was more natural lightening – doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
The South Pole will now be on solid ground – covered by trees. The equator will now be covered by lush rain forests – not deserts.
More plant life – sucking CO2 form the air. But now oil and gas burning are massively over priced – and energy poor. A 1m oil or gas burner, only releases 45kW. A 2cm wide steam plasma releases 8.6MW.
You want heat – use a plasma tube. A 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres, will self sustain, releasing 2.2 MW: H fission is so dynamic.  Oil prices irrelevant – as the world moves over to steam plasmas.  Setting up a working steam plasma tube will take an engineering maintenance workshop a lunch time – no oil or gas burn ever again.

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