Sunday, 14 May 2017

The greatest clean energy

The greatest energy source in the universe is not brown star colliding (there are no black holes) or feeble uranium fission. It is a sun's corona, doing hydrogen fission.
We can set this up in a glass tube – where the plasma will self sustain at 2 atmospheres. Using only 8x10-14cc of regular hydrogen a year: make it from the electrolysis of regular water.
1 H2+Tu->E3+L+X-ray
OK, maybe gamma wave radiation, but X-ray is easier to write.
This is 64 times as energetic as hyper toxic uranium fission. We will get 4.8MW from a 50x1cm tube. Uranium fission gives 250kW from a 1m fission tube.
So we get so much heat, and no solid radioactive waste. We gain H from space, so at lightennig strikes, get back our water.

Simple, clean regenerating power. And every radiant sun in the universe does it.

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