Sunday, 28 May 2017

So no diabetes

Every Dr promised 'I will be aware of, and use best medicine'
Then in 2013 I published the use of 8W 1MHz ultrasound to the lower right of the chest to clear type 2 diabetes instantly. Type 1 takes 3 days, before remitting forever.
So in February 2013, every Dr on Earth knew there 8W 3MHz ultrasound device, in the nursing office would clear diabetes: only 3 days of diabetes drugs for type 1. None for type 2.
If they didn't clear diabetes, they ceased to be Dr.s 2013. All medical practice then illegal: every day's practice, medical malpractice.
10 million UK pounds for every early diabetic death: diabetes is the 8th biggest killer on Earth. All diabetes surgery, malpractice – the lawyers have an organ book for appropriate damages.
Surviving patient get all their medical fees back: after their diabetes is cleared – basically for free.
All those Dr.s have to repay the last 4 years wages, and get no pension. No medical academic could legally research biochemistry and diabetes.
Every Metformin prescription CRIMINAL. All medicine by those medics, MALPRACTICE for 4 years: as their prescriptions ceased to be legal February 2013. Your GP medicated diabetics - go get a lawyer. The AMA and GMC will not defend malpractice court cases.
My grandfather in law died from diabetes – 2012. My step grandmother 2004. My step grandfather 1998. So none of this affects me. It affects the families of 4 million UK citizens.

Forward this to your prescribing GP.

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