Thursday, 11 May 2017

Sizewell B criminal

Sizewell B was constructed as an illegal extension to Sizewell A: planning law never allowed a whole new building to be built next to an existing one – nuclear plants need a whole new Royal Commission.
2006 Sizewell A was demolished, as it began leaking. And the planning consent lapsed. So Sizewell B never had planning!
31 years of illegal operation. British Nuclear owe 10 million (1984 values) for every year of operation. And the station MDs get 10 years in jail for each year of illegal operation – over 3 centuries of jail time.
The Magnox stations had planning until the 1980s – you can't extend planning using your own engineers. Hinkley should have ceased in 1990. It is still operating today – again massive fines and jail time.
And every British Nuclear plant in subject to an immediate stop order 1984. 2 years before Sizewell started up. So it was never a legal plant.

A steam plasma tube generates 1.2MW of heat – a thermoelectric plant will turn into 144kW of carbon 0 power. We do not need, or want uranium nuclear power.

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