Friday, 19 May 2017

Shale gas into petrol

We use science taught to me in the 1980s. As I have shared this with the world, crude oil fell to $27 a barrel. Quota reduction have pushed this over $55, but only 40% of the oil is being shipped.
The US now has a massive shale gas industry, and once more is the world's leading oil exporter. We can convert shale gas and biodiesel into petrol. We can go from just shale gas, but the catalyst plant needs to be 4 times the size. We use a titanium catalyst to add gas molecules to diesel.
1 C12H26+4CH4->C16H34+4H2 diesel->petrol
And biodiesel sucks CO2 out of the air to grow – it is a carbon 0 fuel.
OPEC has invested heavily into trying to bad mouth diesel. Diesel cars have reduce CO2 by 6% last year – so Global Warming and man-made Climate Change are 3 years behind us. 21 years of global cooling – so world climates have been cooling since 1995.
So a petrol station can have a small outhouse, where we pass gas up, and diesel down a Ti honeycomb catalyst. B The gas coming from fracking. The biomass of plant and bacterial life in the seas, converted into natural gas – CH4. Passing steam through deposits on the sea floor produces natural gas.
2 2H2O+Cm(H2O)n->CH4+nH20 non-fossil gas
So as we burn this gas, it is converted BACK into biomass within 5 minutes. A carbon 0 source of natural gas.
So we produce biopetrol, for 8% the cost of OPEC fossil petrol. So cheaper – and we save life on Earth. Petrol burning release more CO2, and as much NO and NO2. Diesels are the green, life enhancing engines.

The US is once again, the leading oil exporter. Who are rubbing their hands in glee, as Saudi and Russia reduce their oil exports. Brig it on!

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