Friday, 19 May 2017

Return the diabetes money

I put out on the internet 2013, that ½ a minute of ultrasound to the lower right of the rib-cage clears diabetes. My American (and 1 UK person) told me that type 1 takes 3 days – before clearing totally and for ever.
So every GP read and verified my paper – or they would cease to be registered Dr.s 4 years ago. Their first prescription they struck themselves off anyway.
So patients get all medical fees back: all diabetes medicines. Plus surgery, and organ limb loss legal fines.
So for 4 years, health centres have to return their 3rd biggest income source. Lawyers canb sure for this money – open and shut, non defended action. The GMC must 'make this so'.
10 million for every resulting patient death – the medic banned from medicine for life. Dr.s also pay a punitive fine to the patient. Probably of 3 million.

Metformin prescriptions illegal for 4 years.

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