Monday, 15 May 2017

Pay for Chernobyl

Chernobyl cost world governments 40 billion. And now Russia is part of the free world, they should pay us back the cost.
That is 40 billion, with 33 years of compound interest of inflation rates. That is 2.96 trillion. Russia is a rich country, and can afford it. The families of the dead receive 500 billion.
Scottish sheep farmers get back 30 years of lost income.

Agriculture Statistics Tables by Topic: Sheep - The Scottish Government
In June 2016 the sheep population was 6.83 million on around 14,900 farms in .... Table : Total output value , input costs and income of Scottish agriculture ...

Summary of Farm Business Income - The Scottish Government
2 May 2017 - Summary of latest trends in Farm Business Income (FBI). ... of lower quartile farmsranged from a loss of £14,700 for LFA cattle and sheep farms ...

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