Friday, 5 May 2017

Oil energy poor

Uranium fission is the most toxic process that has ever gone on, on Earth. It needs but has never had 100 billion annual cover. It needed insurance of 41 billion since Chernobyl.
So it promoted the discredited idea of Global Warming: global photosynthesis on land and seas limits global average CO2 to just 2 parts per million. Since the industrial revolution, man has releases an average of 0.00004% CO2 a day – which has all been converted back into active life within 5 minutes.
If man had wated to affect CO2 levels, he could not have done.
The mineral record shows CO2 does go up naturally, in an ice age. So in the little ice-age of the 18th century, it was at 4 parts per million – twice its present 2ppm.
So how did nuclear get higher numbers (And why – that would mean we were in an ice-age). Taking air samples at diesel exhaust – or less trouble, just make them up.
So I pointed this out, and they started talking about carbon emission – not pointing ot that within 5 minutes they were additional life on Earth.
2 years ago the emission fell by 4.5% - as people used diesels and regeneratable energy. Then last year they fell by 6%. Hence the present pressure to stop people driving diesel cars. Which is stupid, they produce less CO2, and the same NOx (NO + NO2) as petrol engines.
So petrol cars MORE polluting. Diesel cars encourage extra plant growth – so not polluting.
Thus a diesel scrapage scheme would push CO2 emissions higher – did we not know how to do plasma heat generation. Which is emission free energy, from regular water. No Fossil Fuels.
We have a 50x1cm steam plasma tube – we start the plasma using the electronics from a fluorescent light. And it then runs unpower, which we maintain the water pressure. Using 5x10-13cc of regular water a year: we are not going to measure it. No petrol or diesel.
1 H2O+TU->2H++O2++4e- the plasma breaks the matter into positive ions and free electrons.
2 xH+e- ->(1+x)n0 x usually is 1
3 16O2++4e- ->8H++6e- -E this damps down the energy release
4 H++r n0 ->Er3+L+X-ray massive free energy
5 net H2O+TU->Er3+L+X-ray carbon 0, massive free heat
2.2MW from my 50x1cm plasma tube. A thermoelectric generator will turn into 132kW of carbon 0 power: Why does Theresa May not give financial incentives, to drive a plasma powered car?
You only need 45kW for a helicopter. So you could fly between cites – using IT and radar to avoid crashes. The craft talk to each other, and we set up virtual motorways in the sky.
We can use a 1mx1cm plasma tube to release 4.4MW of heat. 264KW of carbon 0 power. Enough for 36 homes. No Fossil Fuels, or hyper toxic uranium fission. No high insurance. Free, salfe, clean and non polluting power. Thanks to Sheffield University for their help with this idea.

Oil bellow $50 a barrel today. Saudi Arabia loses money below $100 – so does hyper toxic nuclear power.

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