Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Nuclear stop 1984

After Chernobyl EVERY nuclear plant on Earth needed insurance of 40 billion. There is no commercial insurance above 1 billion. Read
So in 2007, as Tony Blair privatised British Nuclear – it ceased to be legal. Every operating nuclear plant ceased to be legal.
And the power stations regulator had the legal imperative to STOP all nuclear power in the UK. Due to some massive bungs, this did not happen. Nuclear power bought off the law.
It invented Global Warming in 1984, to distract from Chernobyl, and in 1995, as the world started cooling naturally, man-made Climate Change was born: GW for a cooling world.
World plants have capped global CO2 at just 2 parts per million. Levels are higher, above the Arctics, and in a natural ice-age. CO2 goes up, as there is less natural photosynthesis.
Yet stooges to nuclear power are still taking about Global Warming, 22 years after the world started cooling.
The Magnox stations and most PWR reactors are outside of their planning consent. Which could only be extended by a full Royal Commission. No valid insurance, not planning consent. Every nuclear plant has no valid insurance – lawyers have the legal imperative to issue immediate stop orders on all nuclear plants.
Sizewell B was an illegal extension to a plant demolished in 2006: it never had planning consent. It has never operated legally.
A fine of 10 million (1984 numbers) and 10 years in jail for every year of illegal operation.

After Fukishima the required insurance rose to 100 billion. They carry 50 million. 0.05% of the required amount.

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