Thursday, 18 May 2017

No Fossil Fuels oil needed

 Keep cutting oil quotas – Fossil Fuels petrol is becoming unimportant.
If we fire up a 25x1cm steam plasma tube, it will self sustain at 4 atmospheres doing
1 H2Op+TU->E3+L+X-ray regular waste into massive free power.
6x10-14cc of regular water will produce a constant 144kW of power: we entrain air, to get hot air at 380oC. We pass this over a $1,500 thermoelectric generator, and produce speed linked AC. Which will drive contactless electric motors. Burning petrol or diesel so energy deficient and expensive.
The climate people have said nothing, about the advent of clean, free power. It turns out, water is 3,200 times as energy dense as petrol.
We grow biodiesel - CH3(CH2)7CH . For simplicity C12H14- any fuel oil will diesel: even patrol at 10 atmospheres. Diesel oil 8. The oil countries are trying to say diesels are somehow bad. They produce only as much Nox (NO & NO2) as petrol engines – that fertilises plants, that take in CO2.
So CO2 levels fell by 6% last year, 4.5% the year before. The world has been cooling for 21 years. Man-made Climate Change is nuclear speak for Global Warming – while the world climate is cooling.
Global photosynthesis converts extra CO2 back into biomass – via plants or deep water algae and bacteria. So within 5 minutes, the burnt Fossil Fuels are back at the biomass they were in prehistory. The Jurassic had 65% more life today, and sea levels were 60 meters lower in a warm period.
CO2 was at 4ppm – remember, more life and lower seas. In the 3 natural ice-ages CO2 we went up to 8ppm – with a 4 year delay as the climate cooled.
One ice-age lasted 650 million years. And person who has written papers about Global Warming or man-made Climate Change, is a paid nuclear stooge – and should not be in the media or education. They are PAID nuclear stooges.
Every operating uranium nuclear power plant needs insurance of 100 billion. No insurance above 1 billion is available. So they made up Global Warming – the the climate cooled from 1995. And plants ensure CO2 is a static trace gas. And static trace gases affect NOTHING.
So in an outhouse they convert biodiesel into biopetrol – which has a 0% tax rate.
We dribble diesel down a titanium honey comb catalyst, and we get biopetrol. 0% tax rate, as world governments have not caught up with 1950s science – that makes biopetrol.
2 C12H26+4CH4+T->C16H34+9H2 at room tempersture.
To make natural gas, we pass CO2 and steam into a low pressure reactor vessels below 1 atmosphere – and it unburns.
3 CO2+2H2Os+T-P ->CH4+Os at 350oC <1 1910.="" atmosphere.="" equation="" p="" published="" sabatier="" the="">
So a 4 layer honeycomb gives us tax 0 biopetrol. At a price below that of Fossil Fuels. As the biodiesel cost 25p – most of the cost is taxation. Both biodiesel and biopetrol should be 0 tax rated – as they are saving life on Earth.

Who cares the about Fossil Fuels? They can quota themselves to death. There are cheaper, greener energy solutions.  Sheffield University should be building me a trial plant as you read this: the way to unlimited fortune.

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