Friday, 19 May 2017

Most massive free energy

We have a diesel engine, and at the top of the stroke, we draw in liquid water drops at 1 atmosphere. Then as the cylinder Google triple point water here.
As the cylinder moves down the pressure falls, until 1 water molecule becomes vapour, and the exposed hydrogens interact with surrounding water molecules. Then we get hydrogen on hydrogen interaction.
1 H2Ov+H2Ol->Heg2++2OH-1v+E
Now E=mc2
E = 1.6737236 × 10-24 g
c=299 792 458 m / s
So my calculations earlier were wrong. But we are dealing with each molecule of water having a heat capacity of 3184 W. And a mass of 2.9922911356e-23. 8.034x10-23W to boil off water.
So if only 80 water molecules boil, ALL the water will flash boil, as they do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. 13x10-6W, to flash boil a 1g flask of water. We have 10g, so 1,3X10-13W will act as a massive heat source, and vaporise all the water.
This fits will my 1st year engineering experience. We reduced the pressure on 1L of water, nothing, nothing, and suddenly the cylinder lid embedded itself in the ceiling, and the water issues hot steam.
So if we put low pressure liquid water into a diesel, 1/3rd of the stroke, the water flash boils, and the cylinder is shot down. There is a high danger of the cylinder connecting rod breaking.
So exerting low pressure on liquid water is like having the most powerful flame. We use Molecular Nuclear Fusion in place of feeble combustion.
We are looking at 2MW, not the feeble 4,5kW of an engine powered by diesel oil burning. We feed the exhaust steam out through fire tubes in the water reservoir – as we may as well reclaim some of the wasted fusion heat.
So no petrol or diesel – which turn out to be so energy poor. So as the PhD student told me 2001, water will diesel. And we do not need water vapour at high pressure, but liquid water at low pressure.
Power from regular water – with no CO2 or Fossil Fuels burn. And no impossibly high insurance. Uranium nuclear power is so toxic, it needs 100 billion of insurance per plant. It can't buy – so all nuclear power illegal.

Now is good time to sell oil shares. Both Shell and Saudi arabia are losing money on oil – only keeping solvent through selling off their business. Part by part.

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