Thursday, 18 May 2017

Limitless FREE energy

Carbon 0. No fossil fuel burn, or radiative materials required. A hydrogen plasma
1 H2+TU->He+E2+X-ray+L
The Energy is given by E=mc2. Where m is the mass difference of 2H atoms – and 1 He. About equal to 1 H atom. 50% energy conversion.
So we make the H gas by the electrolysis of water.
Hm=1.6605389x10-29 g
Energy release per kg is 8.45x1014 W. So each H atom is 5x1015W. So 1 H atom is 5000MMW. So a 3000MW will run a 100MW power station. So we need very little hydrogen.
So in a glass tube, 1 hydrogen atom is coverted into a gamma wave, and this ricochets around, gradually ending up as heat, light and X-rays.
The x-rays carry most of the heat away, but we are still looking a ten hydrogens atoms powering a city. No CO2. No Fossil Fuels burn – and of course no uninsured and over toxic uranium fission: each uranium nuclear plant needs insurance of 100 billion. None have it – so all illegal.
1 50x1 hydrogen plasma tube will release 5MW of heat continuously – from very, very little hydrogen. We use some of the generated power to do the electrolysis of water. A thermoelectric generator will produce 300kW of power – enough carbon 0 power for 37 houses.

So free carbon 0 heat. Via 1.

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