Thursday, 4 May 2017

Global Warming is wrong 'science'

Not religion! It is not a matter of faith. It falls on a matter of fact. It is total biological rubbish. No reputable scientist would ever have given it house room. It is nuclear lies, paid science fiction.
The 3 Jurassic ice-ages saw CO2 levels at 8 parts per million – the fossil record shows. 1 ice-age lasted 650 million years.
Global average CO2 is capped at 2 parts per million by photosynthesis on land and the seas. Mineral records show in the little ice-age it spiked at 4ppm. I was doing a PhD at Sheffield University– that has a global reputation for mineral anaylsis.
As the ice covered the seas, and snow the land.
Winter 2009/10 wsa the worst winter in the Northern Hemisphere for 200 years.
The warmest period on record, is the warm middle ages. When men released virtually no CO2. So before you address people wbout Global Warming, remember, the global cliamte has been cooling for 22 years.
And the Global Warming research money came from nuclear power. Who wanted to distract the world from Chernobyl – that ensured every nuclear plant needed 41 billion of annual insurance from 1984. No insurance above 1 billion availably: so all nuclear poer illegal for 33 years.
Not a matter of faith, a matter of hard, scientific fact.
The money for Global Warming came from the diseased minds of nuclear power. Their plant building program makes them the 4th biggest source of CO2 emissions on Earth.
As they became aware that global photosynthesis converted extra CO2 back into life – they looked around for another emission from car engines. They toyed with SO2 – but that WAS AGAIN TAKEN IN BY GROWING PLANTS.
SO THEY HIT ON NO AND NO2: APPARENTLY UNAWARE, THAT NOx WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT NATURAL PLANT FERTILISER ON EARTH. Washed out of the air by natural rain – so capped at 4 parts per billion.
And also unaware that petrol engines produced as much NOx, and more CO2. The most important source by a factor of 1 million is natural lightening. So Diesels help fertilise plant growth, and produce LESS CO2 – the gas that would end life on Earth, if it did not support all plant growth. O2, most serious pollutant in Earth history.
So a diesel scrapage scheme is self interest from the most toxic and under insured industry that will ever exist.
The nest emission free heat source is a steam plasma.

1 H2O+TU->E3+L+X-ray E3=1.2MW of continuous heat from 2x10-12cc of regular water a year.

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